SAI Global Information products and services for Contractors & Tradesmen

 “I need access to a small range of Standards to make sure the jobs I do for my clients are compliant. Of course being a small business, price is always an issue.”

As a Contractor or Tradesman, how can SAI Global’s products and services assist you?

To start off, you will need some basics, for example:

AS/NZS 3000:2007, Electrical installations (known as the Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules),

AS 1684.2-2010, Residential timber-framed construction - Non-cyclonic areas for Builders.

Then as your business expands or your clients demands increase you need to enusre you have all the Standards relevant to your trade. You can contact us for packages based on your particular needs, but we also have some FREE Guides to Standards on key areas:

Free Guide to Standards for Building & Construction

Free Guide to Standards for Household Electrical Equipment

Free Guide to Standards for Solar Panels

Free Guide to Standards for Pools and Spas

Free Guide to Standards for Energy Efficiency



For plumbers, we  offer the Plumbing Code of Australia + Referenced Standards as an online service. If you already have the PCA, you may need to refer to the Standards referenced in the Code. Standards On-Line service  provides  you with access  to a selection of Standards tailored specifically to your needs. StandardsWatch means you can be alerted when Standards relevant to you are updated, amended, or newly released.