SAI Global Information products and services for Architects

“I not only have to meet my clients’ demands but also ensure I meet regulatory  and compliance requirements. It is important that I keep up-to-date with the latest  industry developments and best practices.”

As an Architect, how can the SAI Global products and services assist you?

Your work needs to meet the regulations and Standards

You need to be sure your building design conforms with the  most up-to-date Standards and regulations. As well, you need to be sure you are delivering a design for your client which is compliant. The SAI Global BCA + Referenced Standards service brings it all into a single place for you.


You need to be on top of industry developments in regulation

Your clients trust that you are aware of the latest regulatory, planning and policy information for the Building and Construction industry. Our Building & Construction Newsfeed delivers weekly digests to ensure you are kept up-to-date with latest regulatory, planning and policy information and focuses on a number of authoritative sources including Standards Australia, Australian Building Codes Board, Royal Australian Institute of Architects and the Housing Industry Association.


You need to know when Standards change

You want to confirm the specifications for installing handrails and need to be certain the Standard you are referring to is the most recent version. The SAI Global StandardsWatch service alerts you of any changes made to your purchased Standards in real time. Alternatively, you can Manage Your Standards Collections On-Line so you can be confident the most recent editions of the Standard will be available to you.


More information resources

SAI Global offers a number of products and services to guide you to the Standards and Services that are highly relevant to you. View our industry first virtual NCC Standards Interactive House or browse our InfoStore, in just a few simple steps you can have the information your require